…Karla’s birthday celebration!!!

Hi guys!

Yesterday my boyfriend surprised me with a birthday trip. First he gave me tickets for +badgalriri (Rihanna) concert on Tuesday and a plane ticket that said New York City leaving on Wednesday… Wow! I was so excited that I wish I could fast foward time for the trip to start. Wednesday finally arrived, 5:00 am and we were off to JFK. Once we got to NY he then took me on a joyride through the terminal and stopped at a random gate when he said: “Babe, are you ready for the best birthday ever?!” He handed me another plane ticket and it read “JFK – LAS”. I couldn’t believe it, WE WERE OFF TO LAS VEGAS!!!

He did all this just so I can have the best birthday celebration EVER!!! I’m so happy and excited for this amazing surprise!!! Of course, I brought The Trend Oven with me so I can keep you guys posted. Today I will show you my trendy first outfit and my first day happenings! Enjoy it and let the party begin!


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