Hi guys!!!
First of all, I’ll start saying that I hope you all had a peacefull and great thanksgiving or Hanukah day!!! I’d had a great one with my family and some special friends.
But, everyone knows today was THE BLACK FRIDAY and most of the people was waiting for it months ago. To be honest, I’ve never woke up that early to do my shopping or buy stuff that will be cheaper on few days, but I respect those crazy moments of your life (haha). 
So, I decided to have a relax day and LATE shopping, where I bought some nice blouses and accesories from +wetseal and +EXPRESS .
Here some photos… Enjoy them!❤️😘

Ps. I want to thanks @alwaysitgirl for my Céline Paris t-shirt and @lushclothing for my lovely and trendy leather skirt. My accesories from @forever21, the belt from @wetseal and the shoes from @valijagitana (Puerto Rico). 👗👠👜💄💋


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