It’s all about SHOES!!!

Hellooo peeps! 
For those who prefer to wear nothing but shoes and make them the big statement piece of your stylish outfit, I will show you the trendiest compliments for them TODAY!
A few days ago I received a pair of @heelcondoms, yes you heard right (haha). These are a pair of shoe  jewelry that changes the look every time you wear your fabulous shoes. Is really simple to use and also they are great for presents. Heel Condoms are a must have for fashionistas and specially, shoe lovers. 
I’m in love with them!!!
Enjoy the looks OUT OF THE OVEN!

“Gaga Gold” Heel Condoms.

Heel Condoms (Gaga Gold) on Ralph Lauren printed pumps.

You may also try them on wedges… They look fab on casual outfits!

Designer and creator: Sandrysabel Ortiz, Rocking some HC beauties.

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