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Here’s another way to look GREAT this summer without any excuses. The brand BlueBay Swimwear Co. is a unique brand in which the swimsuites are created in groups of three pieces for style and in most cases one of a kind creations.
This is the latest collection from the brand, it brings the trendy shimmery taste of summer and the waves of the “ocean” in some of the patterns. 
About the designer

Mary Montoya, is a young Colombian and Industrial Engineer who came to Puerto Rico in 2011 and decided to create a swimsuit brand on 2013. The beach, the sand and the ocean make her want to collaborate with this industry combining as well her colombian origin, where predominates the beauty and diversity. It became the perfect stage for the evolution of the brand, full of magic, elegance and style. This is when BLUEBAY BEACHWEAR was raised.
The designs are made with 100% colombian fabric. Many colors and shades, elegance, uniqueness, different products with style, are the proffer that BlueBay presents to the trendy and modern women that whants to feel comfortable, elegant and at the same time unique.
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