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Last  thursday The Trend Oven went to the opening of a new male and female puertorrican brand. A new space of clothing for young professionals called NOXIUZ CLOHING, on the always claimed and busy “calle Loíza”, in Santurce Puerto Rico.

The lifestyle and philosophy of Noxiuz expresses your feelings and ideas as cruel as they might be, because “the life is now”. That is the style and vibes the creators are trying tu provide to its audience. Their designs shows the reactions of the artists and owners Juan alejandro Hernández and Nelson hernández, they’re looking for “perfection” in strange and different places. 

With the opening of its first flagship store, Noxiuz Clothing, created since 2008, presented their new collection named Love Lust, which meaning and inspiration is the consumerism and the excess of blurb. The line includes t-shirts, trendy hats and tank tops. They have also collaborated with many brands, surf shops and puertorrican designers, one of them, designer of high couture, Luis Antonio. But in this store you will find exclusively products Noxiuz. In this new funky space, they might be a lot of fun with another cultural activities.

Let the swag and trends begin… Enjoy!



PHOTOS: Grego Nieves
LOCATION: Noxiuz Clothing
OUTFIT: Hip Hop Store

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