Hello dolls!
Lately, people are taking care of their skin even more and by that I mean, getting less sun burned, applying more sunscreen or skin care products and getting clothless on the beach. So now The Trend Oven comes with a trend “Out of the oven”, Lol.
Now is the perfect time to use super fashion one piece bathingsuites, the “Monokinis”. Also, the other hot trends are the high waist bottoms, most of them asymmetric.
So now you have no excusses to let yours in your closet. This kind of beachwear is really trendy for this season. I’ve seen many styles on magazines, trendy artists and in a lot of stores and designers. It makes us look thiner, glamorous and chic.
On this photo shoot I’m showing the latest trends from a local online boutique (from Puerto Rico) named “Paradisus Boutique”. This boutique sells local designs to let the young talented designers grow and present their trendiest pieces of  the island. 
Here you will find designs by “C Liz Swimwears”, “Namar Swimmerar” & “Desire Walker”. Most of the styles express the typical summer tropical issues in a very cute and sexy way… Flowers, sailor prints and very colorful patterns.
For a voguish look, add some statement jewelry such as long beaded earrings, a cuff or if it looks good and not too bulky, a necklace.
Hope you all enjoy the pics. Don’t forget to get the latest trends OUT OF THE OVEN.

JEWELRY: Lizet Miró Designs
SWIMWEAR: Paradisus_boutique (Facebook & Instagram)
LOCATION: Palmas Del Mar
PHOTOS: Daromix

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