Are you an elegant person? Or just love to dress very proper for work? 

Well, today’s outfit is a great combo for a sexy and elegant coctel, or just for a really fashionista workplace. 
The blouse is a fine and delicate lace textile which makes the outfit look more fancy, elegant and sexy at the same time because of its transparency.
With the one I almost died was with this gorgeous skirt. This black skirt is the twist of the look, it gives that touch we are looking for trendiness, sexiness and glamour. It also make the statement of sensuality with a cleavage at the side of the leg.
I wore it with a nice pair of Ralph Lauren print pumps and to make the outfit look more juvenile, I used a turquoise handbag.
Hope you all enjoy the look, Don’t forget to take the trends #outoftheoven every day.


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