Karaoke Night in NY City
New York night life is the same as saying ongoing fashion. Inspired by the idea of my dearest followers wanting to see how can you look fashion on the casual streets of NY. I mixed and match comfort with sophistication to create a comfortable and trendy Street Style Look.  
For the exiting night I wore a  royal blue and white short romper combined with a white fabulous leather jacket from the store Fashion Show District. Matching the colors on top I wore white platform from Galeria Shoes & Novus Shoes. While keeping it simple I used a necklace of large Agatha stones from Amazonas Accesorios adding to the look the sophistication stones always  brings with it.  When you mix and match you create “wearable art”,  in other words,  a unique personal style.
 I ended up the night in Tonic Bar, singing and having a relax, fun and spectacular night….
Take a peek at the photos right #outoftheoven… Enjoy!


OUTFIT: Fashion Show District
IG: @fashionshowdistrict
FB: @fashionshowdistrict
787.258.7733 Caguas, Puerto Rico
SHOES: Galería & Novus
IG: @galeriashoes | @novushoes
FB: @galeriashoes | @Novus
JEWELRY: Amazonas Accesorios
Custome Jewelry line in Puerto Rico
IG: @amazonasaccesorios
FB: @amazonasaccesorios


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