ECLIPTICA – "Athletiqué"

Hi there friends!
Last Friday, Eclíptica presented their new collection for Spring-Summer 2015, “Athletiqué”.
The show took place at the glamorous facilities of LIV Fitness in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, where a lot of fashionistas and trendy friends came to appreciate the claimed designs of  Michelle & Norein Otero.
The colors white, blue, green, pink and black predominated on this “athletiqué” inspiration. It was presented as a casual-chic trend where the duo of sisters mix and matched mesh fabrics with sequins at the same time. Most of the fabrics were specially created for the new collection.
A lot of simplicity, freshness and sportiness was the vibe the collection showed us. The shoes were provided by the brand Novus shoes, where they share their classy stripy heels in basic colors. For the make up, German Mirabal used white eye shadows and pale lips to be on the same line as the Eclíptica’s looks.
For the last touch of every outfit, the jeweler Alberto Torres made the perfect accessories to combine with every textile, we enjoy his exquisite belts, necklaces, braceletes and rings.
Hope you enjoyed our fabulous night #outoftheove. 


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