Hello everyone!

 Glitter is the trendy statement of the season for nail arts. So here is a step by step to make those fabulous glittery nails.
Step #1
First of all, you have to clean your nails with alcohol and eliminate the past nail polish you had. Then, you cover each nail with a base coat.
Step #2
Apply your favorite color. I picked a dark green, this is one of the trendy colors of the season (almost Christmas time).
Step #3
This is the part were you apply the glitter. You have to be very carefull at the moment you apply it. In my opinion, is like doing “the french” style, just paint the tips of your nails. 
Step #4
Here, you clean the sides and let the nails look neat.
Step #5
To finish, just apply the top coat.

And “tadá”, here’s the look!


Hope you all enjoy this look!!!

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