Hello my friends!
Who doesn’t love to sparkle up anytime you dress up? Today’s look is all about glamour. 
This dress from Ouna’s Closet has the perfect glow we all look for when we head out to a party, but check out how I turned it into a more everyday wearable outfit. 
Instead of using glittery jewelry or shockingly sparkly shoes, I wore basic black heels with a little touch of gold from Galería (Vince Camuto).
For the accessories, I used a vintage gold belt, also from Ouna’s, and an arm cuff. During the shoot day, it was so sunny in my beautiful Old San Juan, I had to cover my eyes with super trendy shades from Be You Eyewear.
I’m in L O V E with this look right #outoftheoven, hope all of you enjoy it too!!! 


Ouna’s Closet
FB & IG: @ounascloset

FB & IG: @galeriashoes

Belt: Ouna’s Closet
Hand Cuff: Forever21

Be You Eyewear
FB: @Be You Eyewear
IG: @be_you_eyewear



  1. January 21, 2016 / 12:27 pm

    That outfit looks great on you! Matching the accessories to the rest of your outfit is a difficult process, but one that will pay off and turn heads if you do it correctly. I really like how the sunglasses closely match and go with your shoes and dress. If done properly, eyewear can be the most noticeable part of an outfit.

    Barton Levesque @ Glenmore Vision Center

  2. February 18, 2016 / 2:45 am

    Thanks a lot Barton!

    Totally agree with you. sometimes it's difficult trying to match certain pieces, because you can go from “trendy” to “trashy”. So I'm glad you enjoyed this look.

    Hope you like my next posts as well! 🙂


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