Morning Friends!
For summer, we always tend to relate the freshness of the season and use it in our outfits, makeups and much more.
That’s why today, I’m going to show you 5 easy steps of Makeup Hacks from Avon
After applying foundation and a soft contouring, I used the “Purple Pop” eyeshadow squad. The small palette contains four options of purples, starting with a soft one and ending with a darker one so you can play with them, making a fun skmokey eyes look. 

Then, I applied the MEGA Effects liquid eye liner in “Black Noir”. This type of liner has a sharp and pointy brush, so you can apply it in an easy way; it’s perfect to make the “cat eye” look. 

Oh lashes!!! For me, lashes are always super important on our makeups, they should be the protagonist of the scenes. So I used the brand new MEGA Effects mascara in “Blackest Black”. To use it, you have to grip the sides and rock the mascara brush side to side. It’s different and fun to use, I compare it with a real painting brush (lol).

To give that sexy touch to this makeup look, I tried the Ultra Color lipstick in one of my favorite colors: “hot pink rose ardent”. 

And THAT’S A WRAP!!! You are perfectly gorgeous to crack your night out or even better, whenever this summer.
Hope you liked it and enjoyed today’s makeup hacks. Don’t forget to go to my Facebook and Instagram pages as The Trend Oven where you can find all my tags and a lot of surprises coming up #outoftheoven!!!
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