Pineapples, flowers and lace… that’s the kind of trend I love for summer. 
And what about a fruity salad of vibrant colors? Yes, please! 
Keeping our trends for this look settled, here’s the outfit of the day.
I’m wearing a colorful pencil dress from Daniella’s Boutique with tropical essentials. So, to keep that freshness of the beautiful print, I matched a pair of purple tassel earrings from the designer Lizet Miró. I wanted other colors to stand out from the dress rather than just the orange, which is the main one here (on the pineapples and at the sides). I also integrated a pair of red heels to stay on the colorful line.
This dress has multiple uses, you can use it with flat sandals, cute-basic wedges for a Sunday Funday or just to make a fashion statement as I’m showing it. 
Don’t be scared of using different colors in the same look… be free to express yourself with colors in your outfits… IT’S SUMMER!!! 🙂
Enjoy the trend!
x o x o


FB: Daromix
IG: daromix_
Daniella’s Boutique
FB: Daniella’s Boutique
IG: daniellasboutiquepr

Designer Lizet Miró
FB: Lizer Miró Design
IG: lizetmiro
FB: Novus
IG: novushoes



  1. June 25, 2015 / 1:39 pm

    Thanks a lot! I tried to make it look tropical and fresh… glad you enjoyed it <3

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