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As a blogger, I’m always in the look out to learn about new subjects that will help me elaborate my content, to create better pictures and that everyone that follows my blog, http://www.thetrendoven.com, are delighted with what I want to express.

For this reason, I love to attend activities from blogger communities, like the Puerto Rico BloggerCon, that way I can learn from others and develop my blogging skills even better.

This last Saturday, September 12th, more than 300 bloggers, entrepreneurs or simply people interested in the new trend of the blogging world, got together to celebrate this event, to learn about social media trends, do’s and don’ts and how blogs can have a great effect / impact in this technological era we live in.

I had the privilege of being selected as one of the panelists in the “Reaching the Fashion Blo Trend“.  My fellow colleagues Loydi Carrión, Charlotte Bianca, Charlene González and Suzanne Ujaque and I discussed subjects that have placed us at the top of the island’s industry influencers.  The moderator in charge of our segment, personality host Mimi Pabón, asked us about how we all started this fashion blogging adventure and which social media platforms are the ones that we most use, amount of followers and quantity of our audience.  She also asked us about our challenges, goals and achievements, how we communicate and interact with our followers and what recommendations should we give other starters about the blogging world business.

Personally, it was a great pleasure to share my experience with the attendees that went to this year’s convention.  Apart from this, it was very fulfilling to learn about different elements about social media that I didn’t know before; there were so many people that are interested in the blogging industry, it’s amazing!  Even though this blogging “thing” looks like a trend, the truth is that the very first blog started in the 90’s.

I highly recommend that you stay tuned for next year’s BloggerCon and that you be part of this great event… you will learn a lot and you will definitely won’t be disappointed! Who knows if one of these upcoming years, you can be part of it like I was this year! 😉

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K M 

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Hola hola…

Como bloguera, siempre busco aprender sobre nuevos temas que me ayudarán a la elaboración de mi contenido, a crear mejores fotografías y a que todos los que siguen mi página (http://www.thetrendoven.com) queden a gusto con lo que quiero expresar.

Para esto, me encanta asistir a actividades de la comunidad bloguera como lo es el Puerto Rico BloggerCon, pues como dicen por ahí, “dos mentes siempre piensan mejor que una”. 

El pasado sábado 12 de septiembre se reunioron más de 300 blogueros, empresarios, o simplemente interesados en esta nueva modalidad, para aprender sobre los medios sociales y cómo los blogs siguen teniendo gran impacto dentro de esta era tecnológica.

Tuve la oportunidad de ser panelista en “Reaching the Fashion Blog Trend“. Ahí mis colegas Loydi Carrión, Charlotte Bianca, Charlene González y Suzanne Ujaque, dicutimos temas que nos han posicionado como “influencers” dentro de esta industria. El diálogo, dirigidos por la animadora Mimi Pabón, trató de cómo empezó nuestra aventura con un blog de moda, cuál plataforma de red social es la más que utilizamos, la cantidad de seguidores y nuestra audiencia, retos y lo que hemos logrado, la comunicación con nuestros seguidores y recomendaciones que le dieramos a los aficionados en la blogósfera.

Así que, pendientes al próximo año para que sean parte de esta magnífica experiencia. Aprenderan muchísimo… y quién sabe si dentro de algún tiempo sean parte de él como yo lo hice ahora! 😉

x o x o,

K M 



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Puerto Rico BloggerCon, 2015.


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