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Two weeks ago, I received one of the most exciting work-related news yet from the past months; seriously! I got called from the personnel of the Jewelry Designer Daniel Espinosa (Well known in Mexico for its handmade & 22 karats gold filled jewelry pieces), asking me if I would be interested in going to Mexico to visit all their boutiques and blog about them…
Of course I said YES and glad I did because I had an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G time!!! 

It’s the second time I visit Mexico, but I barely remembered the first trip, I was just a child, so this time, the “Fam Trip”, how the organizers called it, was all about brunching and eating FASHION, one of the things I love the most.

Here I share with you my gratifying experience, one that I will never forget and will forever appreciate. ENJOY!

For more of Daniel Espinosa visit the 1st level of the Mall of San Juan
in Puerto Rico.

* Read below all the details and scroll down for more pictures! *

TUESDAY | Puebla, Mexico – 1pm

When #TeamPuertoRico arrived to Puebla Mexico, outside the airport was a bus waiting for us with our names on it; Fellow fashion blogger Loydi Carrion, Imagen Magazine’s editor Annette Oliveras, In Puerto Rico Magazine editor, Paula Alvarez and Mariano Somoza from the Puerto Rico based Agency all formed part of the Puerto Rico gang in action at Mexico.

^ Puerto Rico’s Team!

^ Welcoming letter from Designer Daniel Espinosa.

Puebla, Mexico – 2:30pm

Our first stop was visiting where Daniel’s had his childhood and where he started his adventure of creating what was going to be his future gem, being a high-end jeweler. In that same place, we stopped by Daniel’s first store at the Angelópolis Mall.

CASA REYNA HOTEL | Puebla, Mexico – 5pm

^ Lunch place: Casa Reyna Hotel, Puebla, Mexico.

^ Starter – Ceviche with avocado and chilli spices.

^ Dessert: Oaxaca Chocolate mouse.

^ My bedroom at Hotel Boutique Carlota. (Very chic hotel!)

WEDNESDAY | 2 Hours for Taxco, Mexico –

On the second day, we woke up early because we were traveling to Taxco de Alarcón. A small city known for its silver productivity, located in the north-central part of the Mexican state.  The purpose of this trip, was to visit Daniel Espinosa’s Silver fabrics and workshops, where his creations take life and where they confection every single detail of his jewelry. 

^ Of course I wanted a picture with that beautiful view… this is Taxco my loves! <3 Fun Fact: Only white houses, brick walls are allowed! Signs have to be drawn into the landscape, no exterior standing signs permited.

^ Saying ‘HELLO’ for the first time to the designer, Daniel Espinosa.

^ Daniel started telling us a little bit of history about his brand. 

^ Pure silver mixed up with nickel for its strength and durability.

^ One on the collections being created.

^ Shaping the Snakesssss (One of my favorite collections so far!).
I’d love to have all of this collection!

EL ATRIO | Lunch Time & Mni Tour
at Puebla, Mexico – 3pm

^ Exquisite soup at El Atrio Restaurant.

New friends, lovely bloggers from Colombia & Panamá.

^ Gorgeous view from a balcony.

^ All white / Bulky taxis.

Before leaving Taxco, we had a mini tour at a mine called: “La Mina de Taxco”. We experienced how the natives took silver out of the mine, including their rituals. After we saw the amazing monument, people from the Historical Museum / Hotel received us with refreshing homemade and delicious cocktails with tapas on the side.

^ Yeap, this is me with a cute little donkey on the middle of a street in Taxco… So cute! 

GOING BACK | Mexico City – 12am

On our way back to the hotel, the traffic was IMPOSSIBLE, nevertheless, our guides insisted that when we got back to the hotel we HAD TO GO to the hotel’s restaurant because there would be a surprise waiting for us. Just when we arrived, I headed to the restaurant and check out what they had for me…

THURSDAY | The Interview & Mingle – 9am

It’s so sad when we have to say goodbye, but before we left, this day was full of visits to a few boutiques, the best restaurant in town and even a formal dinner at the designer’s wonderful house.

AT DANIEL’S | Dinner w/ the Designer – 9pm

Simply Amazing! What an Experience!

Until next time Mexico!



  1. September 17, 2015 / 6:30 pm


  2. September 17, 2015 / 6:44 pm

    Felicidades!!! Excelente trabajo en equipo y un gran ejemplo de entablar nuevos y favorables acuerdos de negocio en estos tiempos modernos. Exito!!

  3. September 18, 2015 / 7:13 pm

    Que bueno, su joyeria es hermosa!!!


  4. February 18, 2016 / 3:10 am

    Muchas gracias!

    Así es, todo en equipo sale mejor. La pasamos divino y como bien mencionas, compartí con personas de otros lugares, eso para mí fue increíble.

    Espero poder repetir la experiencia,



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