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As promised, here’s a recap post dedicated to all the memories of the Vlog In Fest. The first blogger and video vloggers festival of the Caribbean.

Today, I’m still grateful of having the chance to mingle and share table with some of the funniest influencers I’ve ever met: LeJuan James, Aless Gibaja, Natalia Lugo, Buoy, Daniel El Travieso & Gaby Guezz.

Of course, I was part of the Fashion squad! I had my own booth (Decored by my friends and fabulous Acanthus Events) were I got to received and talked with my lovely Trendoveners who stopped by.  In my spot, I had a fun Photo Booth (FlashBooth PR) where people could send themselves hilarious photo memories and I also had a hairdresser from Blow Salon that made lots of hairstyles to all those who wanted to look gorgeous at the event and stopped by our booth.

I was amazed by all the people who came to see me and expressed their love for my work, some loved the outfits I’ve been wearing since I started my blog and others loved the way I connect with them on all my social networks.  All in all, it was incredible!!! 

Besides all that love people gave me stopping by my area, we had Giveaway raffles every hour in our booth; people took home some The Trend Oven memories and awesome goodies from our sponsors
(Special thanks to Hawaiian Tropic Puerto Rico,  Avon & Le Macaron).

The mini comedy shows were halarious; people were very excited to meet all their favorite influencers.  I certainly know that all my fellow bloggers were as happy as I was and of course glamorous from head to toes. 

Other pavilions that presented their blogs or platforms were: Foodies, Gamers, different Technology brands, Lifestyle and a super entertaining Kid Zone.

At last, for all of those who asked me during the event…
the fabulous dress I wore is from Tic Tac Boutique, my shoes from Frívola & the jewelry from Avon.

I definitely suggest you Save The Date for next year’s event; be sure to buy your tickets with time when they make the announcement… You CAN’T miss the VLOGIN FEST 2016!

‘Till next time loves!!!



PHOTOS BY: Grego Nieves
Facebook – Gniera Photo/Vid
Instagram: @Gniera


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