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Sometimes we feel like celebrating things, so today I’m celebrating life. Tomorrow is Halloween and on Sunday I’ll be celebrating life again… my Birthday!

So, I wanted to show you an inspiring look for such a special moment. I’m wearing a beautiful dress with lovely floral details and an elegant cut, starting with a bustier top and ending with a flawless skirt from Tic Tac Boutique

To keep the elegance, I wore a chains set from Fucsia. The combination of rose-gold and white blends in perfect harmony with the dress. Chains are currently very trendy, as well as the metal colors I mentioned before are the ones we are hearing a lot about this season.

To finish with my outfit, I put on a nude pair of sexy and classy heels from Frívola. The dress was the main attraction, so I didn’t want to interrupt that show-stopping scene. For that reason, I opted from a light match on the shoe game.  

This is a suttle and pretty look for a cocktail event, a birthday or any celebration! 

If you are celebrating something (even life) this weekend, show me your look using the hashtags #thetrendoven & #outoftheoven .

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K M 

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