Hello sweet followers,
It feels so good to be back writing about the best things I know… Fashion, trends & style! 
I’ve been kind of busy lately, but because you are an essential part in my beautiful and amazing blogging life, I’ll be chatting a little bit of what I’m doing right now and what’s keeping me busier than ever. 
As many of you remember I graduated Journalism last May; it is my passion and was my dream to graduate from this with a Bachelors Dregree, specially in something I really love. So, as most people do after graduating, I was craving a full-time job in that field to compliment my blog.

It’s very satisfying to find a job quickly in Journalism or a similar field, but that wasn’t my case, it was kind of hard to find something here in Puerto Rico since the economy isn’t that stable right now and the advance technology is killing positions like mine. 

So, besides my part time job (my baby, The Trend Oven blog) I wanted to grow as a professional… And talking about technology “ding, ding, ding” an opportunity was presented! I got an offer with everything I’ve been learning about social media, content development and the internet; the doors had just opened for me. During that stressful job search I finally got not one, but two job offers at the same time.

To me, it was like I had won the lottery or something like that (haha), I started to see some light above those shadows that professionally were casted above me for a short time, and for that reason,  it’s why I’ve been busy. I started working at a company that has many shoe brands and store locations in Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo and other places coming soon! I love what I’m doing right now as a Content Developer in the Marketing Department for the company. 

Now that I’ve explained the reason I’ve been hiding these few weeks, here’s my post of the day!!!

My look is inspired in serenity and clarity. I wore a basic crop top with leg-opened palazzos, both from Hip Hop Store.

This outfit looks very refreshing, it is perfect for the newly summer days, and can also be worn with flat sandals or even mid wedges to make it more dressy.

As for the accesories, I wore a long necklace in color gold, but I thing it would also look great with embellished earrings. 

I hope everyone loved this look #outoftheoven & don’t forget to dream BIG and be persistent in obtaining what you set yourself to do, I think that’s the key to success. 

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