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As part of my “Trendy Reports” I try to bring you the latest trends on the streets and what most people would like to wear; following the fashion guidelines of course.

That’s why today, I’m presenting one of the hottest trends of the Season: the beautiful “Bell-Bottom Jeans”. 

I remember when I was younger (90’s) and every single woman had these kind of jeans… Yes, I plead guilty myself… I wore mine back at the time! 
This trend was one of the strongest for the 1990’s and because trends come and go, here we are again with this one. 

In my opinion, this kind of jeans are designed for tall woman, why you ask?
Well, because if you are petite, the wide (bell) leg of the jeans are going to make you look shorter than you are. So, if you are madly in love with this trend, I recommend the “Flare” or “Boot Cut” style.  It has sort of that wide leg style, but at the same time its more fitted to the contortion of the leg. 

That said, here’s my look…

I’m wearing a beautiful bell-bottom from Daniella’s Boutique, in combination with a nude top with exquisite pleated details. I consider this outfit a casual / chic look. To dress it down (because I was enjoying the art at the awesome “Santurce Es Ley” in Puerto Rico – Art Festival), I used an accessory, a super cute emoji crossed-sided bag and a high pony tail. 

So, are you into the bell-bottom trend? Let me know on my Facebook & Instagram as: @ The Trend Oven !

Enjoy the look!!!



Grego Nieves
FB: Gniera Photo/ Vid
IG: gniera

Daniella’s Boutique
FB: Daniella’s Boutique  
IG: daniellasboutiquepr

Santurce Es Ley


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