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As I felt a thin ray of light through our cabin window curtain as I woke up on the first day of my vacations; we had arrived at our first Caribbean Island, St. Thomas.

We went to the Cruise Buffet for Breakfast, I think it was the only time I ate there :).  Once done and ready, I packed a little bag with beach essentials and off we went.  Wearing a loose and tropical dress from Daniella’s Boutique, which was a very relaxing look, I started the adventure of exploring the island, it’s famous shops and delightful places to eat or snack.  I’ve been to St. Thomas a couple of times before, but every time I seem to find something new that I hadn’t seen before.

After going around the island by car a couple of minutes in, we did a pit-stop at the Mountain Top Observatory and Souvenier Store.  From there you could appreciate all of St. Thomas green lands, nearby islands and the wonderful beach of Magens Bay -wow-.

I couldn’t believe this awesome sight; it was so amazing for me to be in a place where I could see the Atlantic Ocean in one side and the Caribbean Sea at the other… I have no words to describe how beautiful nature is.

To finish up the island excursion, my family and I decided to have some late lunch at the famous Main Street, Charlotte Amalie, which is St. Thomas Downtown area, known for its picturesque restaurants and shops.

On the way back from a wonderful day, we went back to the Cruise to take a quick shower and continue our tight schedule of activities, dinner and keep getting to know the whole inside of the ship.

If you want to know what we actually did that second night on the ship, stay tuned for the next post which will let you know how fun it was… although with a cocktail on hand everything is more fun!


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