Wedding bells?

Wedding bells?

*DISCLAIMER: This post goes directly for the gorgeous brides-to-be. (For the hair & makeup lovers too! LOL)

If you have NO CLUE on how to start planning for your big/special day, maybe I might be helping with the first step.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect hair dresser & makeup artist, but today I might get you a fabulous option and it is called Abraham Hair Salon & Spa.

From the first time I met Abraham Rohena, the owner, I immediately fell in love with his work. That first time I visited the salon, he fixed a balayage I had for over a year and every detail he made was perfect. Now I visit the salon twice a month and my hair, nails and skin look healthier than ever.

Since I created a bond with my new beautician, I wanted to work some looks with him [Abraham] for an elegant occasion. In this photo shoot we’re presenting four different basic looks for any gorgeous bride-to-be.

Keep scrolling, I’ll be guiding you through the pictures with a brief description on what’s occurring, from the “making of” to an Oh La La moment… Enjoy!

IMG_5064 2

Trying to strike a pose (LOL) while Paola puts some magical makeup on my face.

IMG_5063IMG_5065 2IMG_5082 2IMG_5056 2

And voilá, here’s the super basic-but-awesome hair style. If you don’t like fancy and time consuming hair do’s, these undone waves are a must! They show volume and give shape to your hair.

IMG_5078IMG_5057 2

What about the makeup? Paola made an absolutely AWESOME work on my face. She worked with the famous “smokey eyes” technique using brownish colors, mixed with a soft contour/ blush & a nude lip color, which matched with my eyes. OH! I forgot about the eyebrows, they also worked them into the perfect shape. The makeup was flawless and very clean; just how I like it… loved it too much!


Look #2: This hair style made me look like a princess. Abraham worked with half of my hair and played around with a beautiful hair piece from Designer Eva Guadalupe. This style is perfect if you don’t like your entire hair up and done.

IMG_5069 2IMG_5070 2IMG_5072

And last but not least, I present to you my favorite hair do.

This look is so feminine & delicate; Abraham pinched my split-ends making a “messy bun” and then took two pieces of my front hair and wrapped up the bun. He later worked on the front and made some “messy curls” to give the look some spice.

IMG_5071IMG_5074 2

On this picture, he added the hair piece we originally used at the beginning of the photoshoot. This is the last hair style of the day, Abraham just added the piece to give you another “sleeker” look. 🙂

IMG_5077IMG_5076 2IMG_5061

You’re about to finish the Beauty tour, but before you leave my blog post, I wanted to show you another service Abraham Hair Salon & Spa just added to their wonderful service selections. After I met this employee, I did NOT wanted him to leave that room (haha seriously), how relaxing. If you like massages, trust me, you definitely have to visit the Beauty Salon and get your favorite offer / treatment before the wedding bells sound. I promise you, this will help A LOT! <3

IMG_5067 2IMG_5058

Hope you guys liked it… ‘Till next post!

Xoxo – KM


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Abraham Hair Salon & Spa

City View Plaza: 787.945.2000 | Caparra Gallery: 787.610.1200



  1. October 11, 2017 / 2:57 pm

    Wow! El maquillaje, el peinado y el masaje de show…:)

  2. rebekah sepĂșlveda
    October 2, 2018 / 2:02 pm

    Hermosa! El color de pelo me encanto!!!

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