New favorite make – up

 Hi guys!

 Today I’m going to share my ultimate beauty products, in this case, my make-up ritual. 

First of all, my skin it’s naturally greasy, thats why I use brands such as “Clinique” to control all the brightness. Obviously this tips depends on your type of skin, colour and texture. I prefer to use the compact powder because it doesn’t make my skin look that geasy or with fastidious acne.

I also love “Mac” toners and blushes, they have a beautiful consistency and make your cheekbones look gorgeously flawless. You can use a variety of them, wheather you’re going out at night -I prefer the darkest ones- or daily, where you can play with pink or softly combinations.

And last but not least, my favorite liquid eyeliner from the brand “Stila” and the eye shadows palettes. To be honest, I can’t live with my liquid eyeliner, so, when a tried this “Stila stay all day liquid eye-liner” I totally fell in love with it, because the end of the pencil is so thin, it let you use some tricks such as the egyptian or the now trendy cat eye. 

I dare you to be different… Hope you all enjoy it! 


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